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Tips for Headache Relief:  Dr. Brian Broskoskie at Results Chiropractic  With the changes of season, vacation stress and super hot weather, headache sufferers are noticing greater symptoms.  Here are some tips to help relieve a headache.

First of all, don’t get a headache.  Find out what is wrong with your body and get it corrected.  Headaches are very far from normal and are a sign that something is not functioning properly.  Restore balance to your body and you should not have a headache and no need to read the rest of this.  Call our office today for help discovering how upper cervical chiropractic care  has helped headache sufferers correct the problem (302) 408 0000.

Second, be wary of people who tell you to put pressure underneath your head and the top of the neck.  This will actually push the top vertebra forward and cause greater damage.  It may feel good initially, but it is extremely dangerous.

Third tip: when you notice a headache starting, put some ice on the back of your neck.  Since, headaches stem from where the top few vertebra connect to your head, ice will help reduce swelling to that area.  Again, be careful not to put any forward pressure on that area.

Fourth tip:  there are pressure points beginning at the middle of your forehead, and then moving back along the midline an inch at a time until you get to the back of your head.  Hold these points for 1 minute.  Do not go to your neck.  You can repeat this every hour.

Fifth tip:  stop clenching your teeth.  Relax your jaw and try not to let your teeth even touch throughout the day.  Dentists call this “bruxing’, and it can take several months to change the habit.

Sixth tip:  shoulder tension is a significant factor in the beginning of a headache (it is actually a symptom).  Let your shoulders drop and focus on relaxing the musculature.  This may allow your body the opportunity to halt the oncoming headache.  Usually shoulder tension is a result of a severe neck misalignment and the resulting guarding mechanism.

Seventh tip: when noticing a headache starting, do a forehead massage.  Massage between the eyes. Softly touch and rub the eyes and above the eyes where they meet the nose.  Be careful along the boney ridge of bone above the eye, do it too hard and you get a black eye.  You can’t be too soft, but you can be too heavy.  A bag of frozen peas or corn kept in the freezer can feel very nice on your eyes also.

Last tip:  breathe.  Slow and deep abdominal breathing with your eyes closed for 20 minutes can work wonders to relax and revitalize your body.  Put one hand on your chest and one on your belly.  The belly hand must move first on inhalation and last on exhalation.  If you can breathe so that only the belly hand moves, that would be awesome.

As I stated earlier, the best way to avoid and relieve a headache is to not have a headache.  Some people may think that they have to live with it, and that could not be farther from the truth.  You don’t have to have headaches, nor do you have to sacrifice your health in order to get rid of headaches.  You have a choice. Dr. Brian Broskoskie has helped many people get relief from headaches of all kinds.  My specific upper cervical technique restores balance to the area of the spine associated with the five causes of headaches without twisting and popping you neck.  For more information or to make an appointment to see if you could benefit from specific upper cervical care with the professions only FDA approved adjusting instrument, call Dr. Broskoskie at Results Chiropractic today 302.408.0000.


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